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Words are my superpower. Pan. Queer. Wife. Dog mom. Spoonie. Novelist. Unapologetically Me. HuffPost published.

Her food choices belong to her, but talking about them can be a problem

(Content warning: This is a discussion that involves a lot of potential triggers for anyone with an eating disorder history, or even just a very bad history with dieting and diet culture. This is particularly true of some of the links I share, so please consider carefully if it’s safe for you to read those pieces, and even my own thoughts on the subject.)

So, let’s discuss this Lizzo thing. I have a lot of thoughts about it, but for anyone going “wait, what?” here’s the backstory. Apparently, she went vegan at some point earlier this year. That’s totally cool……

You're right. It does say far more about me. It says that I, unlike you, have compassion and empathy. It says that I don't see a fat Black girl and assume she's a villain, like you did.

I can see a 16 year-old girl living in a foster home that has a history of 911 calls going back years as a human being. I can imagine that she was terrified when attacked by others who came to HER home... and started a fight. …

Huh. That's weird because nowhere in Amanda's post does she say that doing a split makes her "healthy." All she says it that it shows she's flexible, which is just objectively true.

Your need to attack one specific individual is hardly something I'd call an "inspiring story," so I'm not sure why it's being published in a space that's supposed to be for "inspiring stories."

Perhaps you should look for one called "fat shaming, harmful troll who was once relevant in the field of fitness, maybe."

That would be a better fit.

PS. I wouldn't be worrying about Amanda's heart. I'd be worrying about your own. Carrying this much anger and hatred over total strangers really has to take a toll on one's health.

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