THIS THIS THIS. This is the thing that has bothered me more than any other detail, well this and the fact that, despite Allen working with SO MANY very young, very impressionable actresses - in a position of ENORMOUS power - never ONCE has another accusation against him come out.

Yes, when you look at his films, it's quite clear that the man has a somewhat creepy fixation with young women or girls in their late teens. Yes, his relationship with Soon-Yi was fucked up in many ways...

But they're still married all this time later, with not so much as a single utterance of an affair he's had in all that time.

I remember when this custody battle was happening, and I remember later when Farrow accused him of molesting Dylan. But it's never sit right with me. Do I think he's a creep? Oh, yeah. Definitely. But do I think he molested his daughter? I just don't know.

However, do I believe Dylan Farrow believes this narrative? 100%. I absolutely believe her. The problem is, I don't know if she's a victim of her father or of her mother... though I admit, I have long been inclined to lean towards the latter.

Nothing I've read or seen in recent years has really changed my mind. But I also think of the case of Margaret Kelly Michaels, a preschool teacher in NJ (where I grew up, and because I grew up there, the Farrow/Allen case was likely much more on my radar than it would've been elsewhere).

Michaels was convicted of 115 counts of sexual abuse, sentenced to 47 years in prison... and was later exonerated because it came out that the children involved were coerced and manipulated into lying. She was only 22 years old when this began, and I cannot imagine how it must've impacted the rest of her life. Not to mention, I can't imagine how the so-called "investigators" or "therapists" involved fucked up the poor children who were coerced into believing these things had happened to them (and why they were never sent to prison is beyond me).

At any rate, this case was not that old at the time of Farrow's accusations against Allen. Given that Dylan is able to recall only one incident, that she describes fairly vaguely, given that there's never been another single accusation that I've read about leveraged against Allen (and if women were so inclined to lie, wouldn't he be ripe for the picking?), given that some of Farrow's children have spoken out and said SHE was abusive...

I just don't think that I believe it.

Regardless, I feel truly terrible for Dylan. Whatever actually happened to her, she is absolutely a victim. She was adopted by a woman who clearly was using her as leverage to keep her lover, if her story is to be believed.

Allen might be a sick pervert. But I'm sadly pretty sure that Farrow isn't an innocent in all of this, either.



Words are my superpower. Pan. Queer. Wife. Dog mom. Spoonie. Novelist. Unapologetically Me. HuffPost published.

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Juliet James

Juliet James

Words are my superpower. Pan. Queer. Wife. Dog mom. Spoonie. Novelist. Unapologetically Me. HuffPost published.

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